Ztonic Software

Ztonic created a number of pieces of software between the years 2000 and 2006. For a bit of nostalgia, we've decided to relist the software to the public for free.

You can download the setup files here along with the free fully functioning registration/unlock codes.

Note, as this software is old, it may not run as expected. We have tested with Windows 11 and the software seems to run ok on the most part.



WinGraphic is an image and animation editing utility that is capable of manipulating your images in many new ways. WinGraphic is not designed to replace your existing image editors but to complement them. By using WinGraphic's image list, you can save a lot of time by not having to load and save images individually. WinGraphic's designed to be easy to use by using a wizard, but it also has enough features for the professional PC user.

  • Image Editor
  • Animation/Multi-Page Image Editor
  • Batch Image Converter
  • Batch Animation/Multi-Page Image Converter
  • Image Montage Maker
  • Animation/Multi-Page Image Disassembly
  • Thumbnail Maker
  • Image Append


Image Converter

This software package can do many different imaging operations in batches. Its ideal for the PC novice right up to the PC pro. With this software you can;

  • View your images with the click of your mouse.
  • Convert between image formats.
  • Resize images using different algorithms.
  • Easily Create GIF animation\'s from your images.
  • Join images together to make a larger image.
  • Apply effects and image enhancements in batches.
  • Change GIF and TIFF compression types.


63f6c773da303.jpgImage Console

Image console allows you to convert images using the windows command line prompt or Power Shell

  • Convert between image formats
  • Create GIF animations
  • Manipulate your images
  • Add effects to your images
  • Create thumbnails
  • Command line Interface
  • Manipulate images with Windows CMD or Power Shell scripts
  • Single 1.05 Mb exe with no dependencies

FTP Client

FTP client is a simple FTP client for downloading and uploading files via FTP63ffc20dba42f.jpg